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Hanswine Food Group Co., Ltd

Hanswine Food Group Co., Ltd

Han, means ‘China’ in Chinese. Swine, means ‘Pig’ in English. The company is making effort to become a great company in the world. Hanswine Food Group Co., Ltd was established in Wujiang Industrial Park in August 2013 and registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. She devoted to breed the Chinese swine, and develop the healthy, environmental, safe and efficient pig industry for Chinese people , to provide safe and delicious pork for Chinese people!

On August 22,2013, 996 of the best pig species containing the blood of the world's largest breeding company Monsanto were introduced from the United States by plane.

On December 7,2013, Hanswine became China's top ten pig enterprises by the acquisition of the United States Agfeed Chinese assets for 280 million yuan, and the annual slaughter of weaned pigs , nursery pigs , hogs, boars is more than 50 million. What is commendable is that Agfeed swine farms, equipped with the United States M2P2 production technology for many years, are the benchmark of the production efficiency and production cost control everywhere, and will provide Hanswine human resources, management and technical support for the further development.

On September 30,2014,Hanswine invested 15 million dollars, and acquired 40.69% stake of the world famous pig breeding company CG, and became its second largest shareholder. Therefore, Hanswine became the world's leading pig breeding company. At this point, Hanswine completed an investment of more than 500 million yuan and the initial construction of pig breeding and breeding capacity.

The company has built core breeding farms, breeding expansion farms and commercial pig production farms in Ma'anshan, Chizhou, Xuancheng, Chuzhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Fujian, Hubei and Shanghai with the annual slaughter of 500,000 pigs at present.

In June 2015, "Fantaste" food Co., Ltd was registered in Shanghai, selling Hanswine Meiwei pork.

By the end of 2015, we have set up sub companies in Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hebei, which are responsible for sow farm building in the region, family farms development. We now have more than 20 sow farms with the annual slaughter of nearly 1 million pigs.

The company adopted the "company + farmers + investors" and "production, supply, marketing," one-stop service of family farm cooperation model, in accordance with the two-way choice, the principle of cooperation of mutual benefit. Breeding families (or investors) build new pig houses or use the existing pig houses to rebuild, equipped with the necessary equipment, facilities, then pay a certain amount of cooperation bond to the company. The company provides households with piglets, feed, medicine. The family use them to breed, and then give the pigs to the company for sales, and according to the quality of farming receive the appropriate breeding reward. The company provides technical guidance, including the construction of new pig breeding building; pig house internal facilities; supporting the existing pig house necessary transformation; prevention and treatment of swine disease; feeding and management of technical requirements, while the company is responsible for the commercial meat pig sales. During the cooperative farming, the company is mainly responsible for market risks and operational risks, raising households mainly bear some of the risk of aquaculture management.

Globalized Hanswine, is trying to become a whole industry chain company with a combination of breeding, fattening, feed, slaughter and processing.

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