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Talent Policy

Sincerely welcome you to join the TECH-BANK Co, Ltd..   

In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of the company, warmly welcome professional talents in aquaculture, animal nutrition and feed, marketing, foreign trade, economic management and so on.

       Companies adhere to the people-oriented, full respect for talent, strict selection, the importance of educating people, choices for employees according to their capabilities, fairness to others, and try our best to provide a full practice stage for each employee. 

Become a member of Tech-bank, we will provide:

     Challenging work environment and allowing you to work independently,

       Learning to grow at work, so that your potential will be fully developed to accelerate the achievement of your career development plan;

       Sound and transparent reward system, a competitive salary system;

       Systematic, professional and diversified trainings to help employees and the company grow together;

       Good cultural atmosphere, rich and colorful cultural life.

 Become a member of TECH-BANK, we hope you should have:

     Honest, trustworthy, simple and charitable individual character;

     Good communication and sincerely cooperative working style;

     The professional ethics that ensure you are hard-working and dare to challenge;

     To achieve a career, the TECH-BANK Co, Ltd. is your choice without regret!