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Feed Division

Feed Division

The newly established Tech-bank feed division was founded in September 2015 on the basis of feed business. After finishing business segments,Tech-bank feed division focus on the field of high-end aquatic feed market-oriented business. At present, we set Ningbo Tech-bank as the Eastern China business center, with three major aquatic feed production base of Zhejiang Yuyao, Anhui Hexian, Jiangsu Yancheng in Eastern China, Central China, Northern China market; and set Guangdong Tech-bank as the Southern China Center for the Southern China market,and set Tech-bank Vietnam as South Asian Center,to open up oversea market. On the basis of ‘three major business center’ and ‘five core production base’, we divided into more than 10 service marketing area and 1 aquatic nutrition dynamic protection operation department; expanded business partnership model on key product lines; layout shrimp and crab, cold water fish, turtles, and other famous fish as key product line or industry chain, to achieve the professional functions line + subsidiaries operating base + the settlement of the division of regional marketing services and the establishment of a division of labor, and to fulfill the formation of internal operation of innovative technology + product quality force + professional service force as the "three forces";  to the external market,  we upgrade Professional and Technical Analysis, Aquaculture Mode of Recommendation and Quantitative Management of the Breeding Process, which are the "three professional" service marketing capabilities, and we implement and strengthen customer service in-depth , and form the Tech-bank 333 + innovative service marketing model , which is three latitude of professional services ability in order to strengthen the aquaculture technology, which is the most important aspects of aquaculture industry.

Tech-bank Stock Feed Business Division, is trying to integrate shrimp and crab breeding, seedling technology resources by the joint venture, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions and other ways to open up the shrimp and crabs seed + feed synergistic mode to expand the aquaculture industry chain. In 2016 we have developed shrimp seed with full immunity + Tech-bank full-ripened feed- “double wide”- profit protection mode, which plays a huge market efficiency for industrialized professional services shed shrimp farming. We have kept a series of shrimp and crab full-ripened feed for a compound high growth. In 2016 the Tech-bank full-ripened cold water feed and intensive freshwater fish feed (No. 4 feed) obtained green certification, served upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain, consolidated the food safety chain for high-end aquatic food getting into the high-end market and the international market, broadened the road from the end of the breeding side to the consumer side, maintained a leading position in the cold water fish and the famous special fish segmental market.

In recent years, Tech-bank occupies the high point of China's high-end aquatic feed with full-ripened feed production technology and bio-fermentation technology: Full ripening + pit aroma type, increasing innovative quality and service market capacity. We have the world's leading double (single) screw extrusion process and the fish production line of pit aroma type more than 20; among them Ningbo Tech-bank (Yuyao) production base has six full ripening production lines and two particle production line, which is the large-scale high-end full-ripening feed production factory as the forefront of China and even Asia. Two Aquatic feed production line in Anhui; Two Aquatic feed production line in Guangdong Tech-bank and Vietnam Tech-bank; Yancheng Aquaculture is preparing to build 300,000 tons full-ripening production line, and we are to built Eastern China's leading full-scale shrimp feed and sink fish production workshop; biological fermentation company has the core patented technology, can produce beneficial bacteria,  prebiotics, enzymes and other aquatic feed materials specifically for fermentation, in order to add to the feed according to the nutritional needs of aquaculture products and process characteristics.

Tech-bank feed division has been fought all the way since the very beginning 20 years ago: 20 years of accumulation, 20 years of youth struggles; 20 years of eventful ages. We have had a clear strategic objectives! We have had a growing maturity and capacity of the team! We have had a global market layout! We have been firmly in the innovation, quality, service, sharing: the core business philosophy, We keep fighting, to achieve ambitious career of Tech-bank!

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